Greetings and Salutations


I have always always been bad at introducing myself—but hey, I’m Natalie. It’s nice to meet you, all three of you reading this blog, one of whom is most definitely my mother. To tell you all a little bit about myself, I am a senior in college which means life is coming soon and it may very well smack me in the face, so stay tuned. My fun facts aren’t super fun, but my go-to is that I have two dachshunds named Hallie (after Hallie from The Parent Trap) and Sammy (after Hallie’s dog from The Parent Trap.) They are small and yappy and shaped like bratwursts, just as I am small, yappy and shaped like a bratwurst. And, yes, I fully subscribe to the notion that people look like or grow to look like their dogs. 

Another fact is that I am originally from California. Where in California you ask, as they always do? Usually, I gauge the vibe of the asker to determine my answer, but since you lucky few are anonymous, you get to hear all of my answers: Southern California, Los Angeles area or Calabasas. Since I moved to the city, I’ve noticed people talk about California as if it were a world away. Whenever I talk about politics or healthcare problems, my New York/New England friends literally wave me off, saying things like “oh, please, you’re from California” and “that’s practically a womb.” Ultimately, if you want to know the nitty gritty about SoCal culture, I advise you to watch SNL’s The Californians; the sketch’s characterization of Californians is totally on par with the majority of people I interact with when I’m home. 

Lastly, I am interning at Gotham because—surprise, surprise—I like to write. When I was younger, I wrote a lot of awful poetry to cope with the overwhelming experiences of puberty, braces and high school. Now I write slightly less awful poetry and short stories and am working toward more long-form stuff. However, as much as I enjoy writing, my first love was reading. My mom used to play the Harry Potter audiobook on the ride to preschool and, for a time, I truly believed myself to be Hermione Granger’s long lost sister. I am currently reading The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead which is just heart-wrenchingly beautiful, but my all-time favorites include Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, “The Death of Ivan Illych” by Leo Tolstoy and Atonement by Ian McEwan.

Needless to say, somewhere between the Harry Potter car rides and the cringe-worthy poetry, I got hooked on words and have been ever since.


Getting to Know Me


“Everyone around the room and say your name, major, and one fun fact about yourself” is probably the most dreaded line for any college freshman. I remember at my own freshman orientation hating the idea of having a fun fact because I felt that I had none. Although I now know this to not be true, I often struggle with how I want to introduce myself.

What do I want others to know about me first?
In order to answer this question, I used to think that I had to look deep inside to find an answer. However, I think that one of the most interesting parts of writing is finding things outside of yourself that reflect what you feel inside.

When I look around me at Gotham, I find so many reflections of myself in the people around the office; I see myself in our students and teachers who are committed to writing in its many forms. Only being a few days into this internship, I am already excited for the journey ahead.

Already, Gotham has helped me understand that I know I want to be a writer. Although I may not have a “fun fact” about my writings yet, I know that I find writing fun and I know that to be a fact.

In that sense, the next time someone asks me for a fun fact, I may just say, “I’m a writer.”